Sea Chaser 24 HFC sets Standard for Serious Fish, Play Boat

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  Sea Chaser 24 HFC sets Standard for Serious Fish, Play Boat By Craig Lamb Are you a hardcore saltwater tournament angler? Will your family spend just as much time aboard the boat as you do fishing? Finding a center console saltwater boat rigged and ready for fish and play isn’t that hard to find. […]

Living the ‘Skiff Life”

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  Living the ‘Skiff Life” By Craig Lamb Fishing hard. Playing harder. Cruising the skinniest of water, or heading out miles away from shore into the blue water. Doing the heavy lifting and transporting the goods for a job. Spending quality time with family and friends on a secluded beach. Watersports? Yep, you do that […]

Go Skiing With Tidewater

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  Go Skiing With Tidewater By Craig Lamb Thumbs up. Thumbs down. Those hand gestures mean more than acknowledging that you like something. In skiing terms, the thumbs up gesture means the skier wants boat speed to increase. Back off the throttle when thumbs go down. Those are just two of the seven skier hand […]

Come See Tidewater Boats at Miami’s Favorite Boat Show

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  Come See Tidewater Boats at Miami’s Favorite Boat Show By Craig Lamb Water and boats go together, but you don’t always find both at a boat show. You can now find those and more at the 2017 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show. This year’s event, conveniently scheduled during President’s Day weekend, is Feb. […]

Water Skiing Going to the Dogs


  Water Skiing Going to the Dogs by Ted Lund   Boating and water skiing have officially gone to the dogs, thanks to a Chicago-based pooch that has a love for both. Duma, the nine-year-old Jack Russell terrier, got her love of  boats and the water from her owner, Cliff Bode. Her obsession will be […]

Add Years to the Life of Your OutBoard with Fresh Water Flushing

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  Most of us take good care of our marine equipment. We wash and wax our boats and outboards, change the oil and oil filter regularly, and replace the fuel filters, but what about your outboard’s cooling system. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked in a maintenance regimen. During the course of normal use, the water […]