The B&B’s Offer A+ Service for Your Vacation

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  The B&B’s Offer A+ Service for Your Vacation by Amy Lignor   When it comes to vacations people always think and worry about the locale. Where will they go? Does it have something for the kids? Are they looking at a camping trip, a historical location where they can treasure hunt through the museums, […]

Propane vs. Gas: The Camper’s Debate

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  Propane vs. Gas: The Camper’s Debate   Although they say every “opinion” is worth about two cents nowadays (and if you’re career happens to be in politics it’s worth even less) there are some definite facts that come along with choosing what is easier and better, between propane and gas, to use in the […]

“Go Big! Go Six Flags!”

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  “Go Big! Go Six Flags!” by Amy Lignor   That is the beloved motto of the company that provides the ultimate in entertainment and fun. Summer is here. School is already dismissed in many states which means Six Flags Parks are gearing up to provide you and your family with the best summer trips, […]

Myrtle Beach Has Something for Everyone


  Myrtle Beach Has Something for Everyone By Burt Carey   With more than 300 hotels, beach-front condos and homes for rent, 100 golf courses and 60 miles of beaches that make up the world-famous Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach plays host to millions of visitors every summer. They key word used around this South Carolina […]

Choose Health & Beauty Wisely


Choose Health & Beauty Wisely  ~by Samantha Lewis The utilization of tanning salons is growing, with teens leading the way. In fact, the teen market leads the way in many areas of the health and beauty market. Without that demographic, things like cosmetics, power drinks, fashion and more, would fall in revenue as quickly as […]

Cavallo Point Lodge Introduces Summer Family Package

Cavallo Point Lodge announces its new Super Summer Family Package. Surrounded by 75,000 acres of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Cavallo Point Lodge is a destination for families looking for a back-to-nature experience while enjoying … View full post on Current News – California

Summer Starts With Award-Winning Iced Teas

June 1 marks not only the unofficial start of summer, but also the official start of National Iced Tea Month. Connoisseurs of the chilled brew will be thrilled to know there is a list of the best brands to choose from: winners of the 2010 North … View full post on Current News – California