Is Coin Collecting a Lost Art?

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  Is Coin Collecting a Lost Art? by Amy Lignor   Once upon a time collecting coins was a beloved hobby that a great many people liked to do. Before the art of scrapbooking became big, coin collecting (numismatics) was the choice for those who wanted an activity to do during their leisure time that […]

Scrapbooking for Beginners!

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  Scrapbooking for Beginners!   When it comes to the arts & crafts/hobby world, there is one that has climbed the charts of popularity over the past few years. Scrapbooking calls out to a variety of people who, let’s face it, are truly sick and tired of cellphones clicking away, yet never producing PAPER copies […]

Herping: A Nature Activity That’s Tipping the “Scales”

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  Herping: A Nature Activity That’s Tipping the “Scales” by Amy Lignor   There are a million lists put out daily, it seems, that tell you all about the most popular sports, hobbies and activities in the U.S. Well, there just so happens to be one that’s climbing up the charts, tipping the scales (literally) […]