Living the ‘Skiff Life”

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  Living the ‘Skiff Life” By Craig Lamb Fishing hard. Playing harder. Cruising the skinniest of water, or heading out miles away from shore into the blue water. Doing the heavy lifting and transporting the goods for a job. Spending quality time with family and friends on a secluded beach. Watersports? Yep, you do that […]

Going Flat for Great Fishing

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  Going Flat for Great Fishing By Craig Lamb Flats fishing, Just the thought brings to mind the sight of big fish cruising over ultra-shallow water. Your mind also might wander to explosive surface feeding activity as the fish gang bait up on top of the flats. Every inshore angler should know the basics of […]

Skiff-ing into shallow water

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  Skiff-ing into shallow water By Craig Lamb   Part of the reward in owning a skiff is the versatile craft’s go-anywhere capabilities. Skiffs are great for venturing into quiet backwater estuaries for viewing wildlife or fishing. On the same adventure, they can take you to a secluded beach or sandy lagoon. Either way, the […]

Safety Check your Carolina Skiff

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  Safety Check your Carolina Skiff By Craig Lamb   Over time the skiff has expanded its inshore saltwater boating role from workboat to functional rig for enjoying water sports by the entire family.   Skiffs of today are still no-frills rigs at the core. Yet many are refined to include some fishing features found […]

Solve the ‘Dog Days’ Dilemma With These Inshore Tricks


  Solve the ‘Dog Days’ Dilemma With These Inshore Tricks By Capt. Gus Cane   Summer time is prime time for saltwater anglers, especially those who love to sight-fish trophy game in skinny water. The bait is plentiful, the fish are aggressive and the action can be fast and furious. Until it gets too hot, […]