Occupy Sacramento Lawyer Demands ‘Arrest’ of UC Davis Police for Pepper Spray

The officers involved in the pepper-spray attacks on UC Davis students Friday should be immediately arrested because they’ve violated federal and state laws, said one of the lawyers from Occupy Sacramento in a letter to Gov. Brown, Attorney General Kamala Harris and other law enforcement officials.

“Physical attacks on persons violate California Penal Code 242 (Battery) and such violence perpetrated by those in uniform is a criminal violation of Federal civil rights law 18 USC 242,” said Jeff Kravitz, a constitutional rights attorney.

police pepper spray UC Davis studentsKravitz suggested the state, through AG Harris, as well as Yolo District Attorney Jeff Reisig and US Attorney Benjamin Wagner should make the arrests of the UC Davis officers immediately.

“It is imperative that proper action be taken by County, State and Federal authorities… initiating criminal proceedings including the arrest of those who committed the acts of violence. or bringing the issues before a grand jury. Leaving he matter solely in the hands of the University is not a reasonable option,” said Kravitz.

He added that the University of California’s promised investigation is “clearly self-serving and bears resemblance to the investigation conducted by Penn State into the allegations of sex crimes by Jerry Sandusky…an investigation used to protect the university and not the victims.”

The students had been told, a minute before, that they would be shot if they did not move. The students began chanting ?Don?t shoot students, Don?t shoot students.? Then, as the police officers shook pepper spray cans, the students chanted ?Don?t shoot children.? Another person warned the students to close and protect their eyes.
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