Occupy Sacramento Caravan To Support Pepper-Sprayed UC Davis Students

Occupy Sacramento said today it will sends its occupiers to UC Davis on Monday. The aim is to support Occupy UC Davis students, who were brutally pepper-sprayed and violently assaulted on Friday by, University of California police.

The rally at UC Davis is scheduled to start at High Noon, Monday.

The Occupy group says their caravan is set to leave Cesar Chavez Park just after 11 a.m. Monday.

An Occupy Sacramento spokesperson told NewsInSacramento, “We feel it is a necessity to support and assist our friends at UC Davis in their time of need. This kind of brutality as seen by the citizen videos circulating the world needs to stop. When someone next asks ‘why’ is there an Occupy, we only need to point to this example of the 1 percent ordering their public servants to punish – without trial – peaceful, non-violent demonstrators.”

“The Occupy movement will not stand for it,” said Cres Vellucci, an ACLU board member in Sacramento, and Legal Team coordinator for Occupy Sacramento.

There have been 84 arrests at Occupy Sacramento since Oct. 6; Last week, 31 cases were dismissed “in the interest of justice” by the City of Sacramento, which is pursuing charges against 25 others. The District Attorney refused to prosecute the nonviolent occupiers, forcing the City to proceed.

One of the US Davis Police officers sprayed the student protestors with pepper spray, even though they were protesting non-violently, and were not causing harm to anyone.

The students had been told, a minute before, that they would be shot if they did not move. The students began chanting “Don’t shoot students, Don’t shoot students.” Then, as the police officers shook pepper spray cans, the students chanted “Don’t shoot children.” Another person warned the students to close and protect their eyes.

There is a petition asking for the resignation of the Chancellor and Lt. Pike, the officer who sprayed the students with pepper spray.


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